Multi Heading Module

This is a three-titled heading module! Coming with 25+ Hover Effects!
Enjoy putting colorful reveal effects on each word of the three-title heading and add hover effects on the text by using our very own Divi Next’s Multi Heading Module!


100% Customization Control

Get complete control over the customization of all the gradient tools.These design tools would make the texts more noticeable and attractive from the plain texts. Strong and responsive control over the fields such as text, font, border, transform is also available.

Design 1

The Best Multi Heading Module

Design 2

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The Next Best Choice For Entrepreneurs

Design 4

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Design 5

The Best Multi Heading Module

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Design 8

ConceptStyle comesand go

Design 9

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Design 11


Design 12

A Smart Choice

Design 13

Organize it withNext Text

Design Three Separate Parts of Heading With Next Multi Heading Module

Design is IntelligenceMade Visible


CretivitySee TheGood


Cretive ConceptStyle ComesAnd Go


Get Organized StayCreative


Let's MakeSomethingGreat


Organize ItWith Next Text


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Easily Create Multi Headings With Design to Express Your Innovative Design Sense

Enjoy the freedom to design each part of the heading separately. Multi designed heading would increase the attention of visitors. Easily use different fonts, styles, and animation to keep your content away from the crowd.

Convert your visitors

Proper style of multi heading would convert your visitors to loyal customers. Three different styles with different background and gradient colors would increase visitors easily. The high conversion rate would only be possible if the visitors are high.

Focus your text

Easily focus the important paragraph with relevant styles. Different hover effects would add extra preference to multi heading. Visitors see the heading of a para first. If the multi headings are designed nicely, visitors would focus on the para.

In-depth communication

Multi Heading would Communication your message successfully with the visitors. First sight is the first chance of developing communication. Different fonts, colors, and effects would contribute a lot to make a lovely first sight of the paragraph.