Text Hover Highlight Module

Highlight the texts in a more interesting manner using ‘Divi Next Text Hover Highlight’. A creative part about this module is how it highlights texts when the cursor hovers over the text.

100% Customization Control

Get complete control over the customization using animation tools that come in 10 different styles. These animation styles would make the text more noticeable from other plain texts. Strong control over the fields such as text, font, border, transform is also available.

Hover Highlight Effect

Underline Right

Underline Closing

Underline Opening

Double Underline Left

Double Underline Right

Double Underline Opening

Double Underline Left Right

Overline Left

Overline Right

Overline Closing

Overline Opening

Left Down

Left Up

Right Down

Right Up

Move Down

Move Up

Move Right

Move Left

Move Vertical

Move Horizontal

Both Down

Both Up

Both Right

Both Left

Left Up Right Down

Left Down Right Up

Both Opening Horizontal

Overline left Underline Right

Overline Right Underline Left

Fill Left

Fill Right

Fill Down

Fill Up

Fill Closing Vertical

Fill Closing Horizontal

Fill Opening Horizontal

Fill Top Left

Fill Top Right

Fill Bottom Left

Fill Bottom Right

Left Bottom

Left Top

Right Top

Right Bottom

Bottom Right

Bottom Left

Top Left

Top Right

Linethrough Left

Linethrough Right

Linethrough Opening

Double Linethrough Left

Double Linethrough Left

Double Linethrough Right

Double Linethrough Left Right

Double Linethrough Right Left

Double Linethrough Opening

Double Underline Right Delayed

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