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Divi Essential Requirements

Welcome to Divi Essential Support Center

The Divi Support Center is your go-to resource for ensuring the optimal performance of your Divi website. This documentation outlines the essential requirements and recommended settings to guarantee a smooth experience with Divi Essential.

System Status Overview

To access the System Status Overview, go to the WordPress Dashboard. You’ll see the Divi icon, hover over it, and click Support Center. you will encounter the System Status section. This area provides a comprehensive overview of your website’s health and highlights any potential issues. The status is indicated by color-coded icons: green for optimal settings and red for areas that require attention.

Hosting Configuration Divi Essential Module Tool Widget Extension

Minimum Requirements

To ensure optimal functionality and performance, your Divi website should meet the following minimum requirements:

PHP Version
Recommended : Latest ,  PHP 7.4 or higher

MySQL Version
Recommended : 5.7 or higher

Recommended : 512M

max Execution Time  
Recommended : 120 & above

max Input Time
Recommended: 60-120

Recommended : 64M

Recommended: 64M

Recommended: 1000

Following these guidelines will help you maintain a healthy Divi website, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with Divi Essential. If you have any further questions or encounter issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

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