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Divi Masonry

Organize images in all shapes and sizes! And create a stunning collage with Divi Masonry!

Content Tab

Content → Images

Add multiple images to form a collage and select the image order as you prefer it.

Content tab → Images → Media Library → Gallery Categories

Add an image from the media library and there you will find the option to type the gallery category for that particular image. This will help you achieve the filtered category feature.

Content Tab Images Image Order

Image Order : By selecting this option, the images can be shown in default mode or images can be shown in Random mode. Using this option you can change the image order easily.

Content Tab →Images  → Featured Image Size

Choose this option so that you might use the 

Full(Original Image)/Medium/Small/Custom size images.

Content Tab → Images → Hover Effects

You can select the hover option from here.

There are lots of Hover effects available here such as Push Up, Push Down, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Shutter In vertical, Shutter Inout Horizontal, Zoom In, Zoom out, Image Rotate Left, Circle up, Bounce out, Flash top left, etc.

Content Tab → Settings

Content Settings-DiviEssential-2022

Content Tab → Settings → Lightbox/Link


Click on this option and you can select the “None” option if you don’t want to use the  Lightbox.

Here, For using Link you can choose the “Use Link” option.

Moreover, Lightbox option is available here and for using this option you can select the ” Use LightBox ” option which will increase more 

Content tab → Settings → Show Title

If you want to show Title then must enable this option from here.

Content tab → Settings → Caption

As you upload the images you will see on the right there are options to add Title and Caption text for the images as shown in the screenshot below:

You can choose to view them by enabling this:

Content tab → Filtering Bar

Within the Filtering Bar toggle, you can enable this to categorize the grids.

We have added this new feature and by selecting this option you can use the “Filter Bar Layout Option”


Content Tab → Overlay Background

Select this option to use the Overlay Background. You might add the gradient color here as well. We have added the latest Feature here in Content Tab.

Design Tab

Design tab → Grid

Adjust the Columns and space between the images with Gutter

Design tab → Image 

Stylize your images with all the features provided. In this  option  you can get the Image Rounded corner option, Border Styles, Border width as well as Border color, style moreover Image Box shadow option.

Design tab → Title

Here you will get the same options as “Caption”. You can add your attractive caption easily.

Design tab → Caption

In this option select On Galery/On Lightbox, and you can get the below options:

  1. Caption Font
  2. Caption Font weight
  3. Caption Font Style
  4. Caption Text Alignment
  5. Caption Text Color
  6. Caption Text Size
  7. Caption Letter Spacing
  8. Caption Text Shadow

Now you can stylize your caption and add the appealing captoin here smoothly.

Design tab → Hover Icon

 Design- Hover-2021

By enabling the Hover Icon and Overlay you can change the Hover Icon, Icon Border color, Icon Size, Icon Background color, border styles as well as Overlay color moreover the Style which will add an extra ordinary feelings.

Design tab → LightBox Color

You can design the Lightbox by adding the  Arrow Color, Close Button Color, the overlay Background color of Lightbox.

Design tab → Sizing

The sizing is a process and using this process you can change the width, Max width, Module Alignment, Min Height, Height, Max Height of Mansory Module. Easily you can adjust by using this option.

Disgn - Sizing - DiviEssential

Design tab → Spacing

The simplest way to add spacing is available now. You can use the below options :

  1. Title Margin
  2. Title Padding 
  3. Caption Margin
  4. Caption Padding
  5. Icon Margin
  6. Icon Padding
  7. Filter Menu Margin
  8. Filter Menu Padding
  9. Margin
  10. Padding


How to Add Link/ URL/ Title/ Description in Masonry Module?

Using WordPress Media Library you can edit the image Title and Description flexibly. Simply keep in your custom Title and Description text into the input field.

From here you can set any custom URL to each image by inserting a custom URL in the “Link Url” input field under  Divi Masonry Module.

DiviEssential Masonry

But for using Link or URL you have to enable this option by following below processes

Next Masonry Gallery Module > Settings> Lightbox/Link> Use Link

From the above process must select the “Use Link”

Content Settings-DiviEssential-2022

How do I disable the lighbox effect ?

To Disable the LightBox effect please follow the below process as well as the  screenshot:

Next Masonry Gallery> Content > Settings > LightBox /Link> None

Follow the above process & you can select the “None” option if you don’t want to use the  Lightbox.

How do I change the color/Transparency when hovering on an image in Masonry Module?

For changing the color while hovering on image, please enable the Hover Icon  

Masonry Module →  Design → Hover Icon  and 

Then you will see in the Content tab, the Overlay Background option will be appeared after enabling the Hover icon. From there now you can select the Color and Transparent option.

Content  → Overlay Background Option  → Select Color and Transparent


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