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Divi Mega Image Effect

Divi’s ‘Mega Image Effect’ appears with 220+ hover effects. Making it all the more versatile for users to explore to their heart’s will. From classic hover effects to all kinds of unique hover effects to catch your visitor’s attention. With the right image and relevant content win your visitors’ hearts.
Content → Text → Image → Button → Hover Background → Button Background
Type Heading Text, select a Heading Tag, and put description text in Content. Select your suitable image for the design layout, add a button if you like, add a custom color to the Hover Background and finally, add a Button Background color as well.
Design → Hover Effect
Select Image Hover for the image that you have put in your design layout, then Select Text Effect a hover effect for your text, and finally, pick the Text Delay that suits your design layout.
Design → Fonts → Description Text → Button Text
Stylize the texts all of the above toggles, you have everything you need to edit the type in these features.
Design → Button Alignment → Button Icon → Button Border
Here you get to align your button using the Button Alignment toggle, then pick an Icon for your button, and finally, add a border to your button if you want to.

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