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Divi Divider

With the Divi Next Divider module you can create a professional-looking and unique Image/Icon Divider. With 8 trendy styles to choose from. You can put either an image or an icon in-between the Dividers or you can also align the image or icon on the left, right, and center.

Let’s go over the details on how it works.

Content → Image and Icon (Icon)

Here we have highlighted the option to add Icons to the divider design. Select one from the huge collection of icons.

Content → Image and Icon (Image)

Use Image – enable this to view the Image upload setting

Image – upload the relevant Image required for your design.

Content → Background Color

Apply either Fill Color or Gradient to the back of the Icon or Image.

Design → Image & Icon

  1. Image/Icon Alignment – align the image or icon either to the left, right, or center. 
  2. Image Width – easily adjust the image width using the slider.

Design → Divider Style

Divider Style – Choose from the 8 styles of Dividers. Make the design more trendy and professional. 

Design → Divider Style (settings)

  1. Divider Style – choose a style for the divider
  2. Color – select a color for the dividers. You can manually pick the color or you can copy/paste the hex code to get the precise result.
  3. Divider Width – adjust the width of the dividers using the slider.
  4. Divider Gap – using the slider, configure the gaps between the dividers.

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