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Divi Gallery Slider

Images of your products or advertisements that you wish to slide in a loop on your website.

Content → Add New Item

Here you can add new image items to your Gallery Slider module.

The images require to be of the same height and width for better presentation.

Content → Carousel Settings

  1. Autoplay – enable to view the settings for the autoplay
  2. Autoplay Delay – adjust the delay using the slider provided
  3. Loop – enable to have the slider go over in a loop for a smoother view
  4. Center Slide – highlight one of the slides that are in view
  5. Speed – adjust the speed of the slider
  6. Space Between – adjust the space between the items added
  7. Slides Per View – pick a specific number of slides you want to appear on your website. Finally,
  8. Pause on Hover – allows the slider to pause when you hover on it.

Content → Navigation Settings

In the Navigation Settings, you have the option to select the provided navigation tools.

  1. Grab Cursor – shows a hand tool for you to move the slider manually
  2. Arrow Navigation – put arrows on each side of the design and move the slider on click
  3. Keyboard Navigation – enables the slider to move with the keyboard arrow buttons
  4. Mousewheel Navigation – this allows the slider to move using the mouse scroller
  5. Type – select a type for the slider either in bullet, fraction, or progress bar format
  6. Dynamic Bullets – helps show the active bullet when sliding

Design → Color Settings

In Color Settings, you get to select specific colors for the following elements: 

  1. Arrow
  2. Arrow background
  3. Dots
  4. Active Dot’s color
  5. Shadow Color

In just a few clicks, you can achieve a great design with this feature. Using the pointer just select the color or you can easily place the hex code for each of them to achieve the exact color required. 

Design → Arrow Settings

And finally, for Arrow Settings, you have the option to position your Arrows and resize them.

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