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Divi Logo Carousel

Bring attention to the brand logos using Divi Logo Carousel. Choose your carousel effect, add a group of logos, and style up each feature solely to attract potential customers at the very first look.

Showcase company logos of the ones you have either partnered with or the ones who have sponsored your company or event; they will show up in a looped slide for your viewers to see.
Logo Carousel is an exceptional choice for a module to display logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, and affiliates, and more. The plugin is 100% responsive, which means logos will display across all devices.

Content → New Item → Image
Add multiple new items and within each item add the relevant image
New Item → Design Tab
Each item can be edited using the features within Design Tab
Content → Carousel Settings
In the Carousel Settings you have the option to Loop, Autoplay, adjust the delay, Center Slide to highlight one of the slides that are in view, adjust the Speed, Space Between, put a number of Slides Per View to pick a specific number of slides you want to appear on your website.
Content → Navigation Settings
You can enable Grab Cursor, Arrow Navigation, Keyboard Navigation, Select a Type of Bullet, Enable/Disable Dynamic Bullet
Design → Image Border → Image Box Shadow
Stylize the Border of the images and add a box shadow if you like
Design → Color Setting → Arrow Settings
In the Color Settings, add color for the Arrows, Arrow background, Dots, Active Dots, and Shadow color. And as for, Arrow Settings adjust the size and position of your Arrows.
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