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Divi Price List

Set up your price list for your services and products. Make it easier for your clients to choose the best out of what you offer.

Content → Add New Item 

  1. Add New Item – add new items to form a list of pricing

Content → Text

  1. Heading Text – type the heading text in this field.
  2. Price – state the price of the product in the box.
  3. Content – include detailed information related to the product. You could write a small description of the product so the customers have a clearer understanding of what is being sold. 

Content → Image

  1. Image – add the image of the product for the price list 

Design → Image

  1. Image Width – adjust the image width using the slider 
  2. Image Gap Spacing – adjust the space/gap of the image from the pricing
  3. Image Rounded Corners – add and configure the rounded corners of the image
  4. Image Border Styles – add borders to the image either on a particular side of the image or on all four sides
  5. Image Border Width – edit the width of the border added to the image

Design → Image (continuation)

  1. Image Border Color – add color to the border with the pointer or simply put the hex code to get the exact color you require
  2. Image Border Style – include a style to the border from the premade border styles
  3. Image Box Shadow – from the premade box shadows select the best one you prefer

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